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Three-dimensional periodic tables [MD0004-MD0005]

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Location: Case 18, Models and Devices (Top shelf, right)

Item: No. MD0004-MD0005, Three-dimensional periodic tables

Inventor: Lothar Meyer, 1884

Dimensions: 212" x 8", Cylinder: 234" x 8"

Period Represented: 1886 (left) and 1954 (right)

Manufacturer: Cylinder copied from J. H. Shepard, Elements of Inorganic Chemistry, Heath: Boston, 1886, p. 221; Cone copied from S. I. Tomkeieff, A New Periodic Table of the Elements, Chapman & Hall: London, 1954, p. 31

Source: Donated by William Jensen

Status: Reproductions

Condition: Very good

Three-dimensional periodic tables view 1>
Apparatus — view 1
Three-dimensional periodic tables view 2
Apparatus — view 2
Three-dimensional periodic tables view 3
Apparatus — view 3
Three-dimensional periodic tables view 4
Apparatus — view 4

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