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Some Photographic Equipment II : Film and Print Development : Notes from the Oesper Collections, No. 58, September/October 2019
Posted on Tuesday October 29, 2019

Part II of our series on photographic materials in the Oesper Collections deals with chemicals for photo development, developing tanks for film, and printing frames and developing trays for positive prints. Click here for all other issues of Notes from the Oesper Collections and to explore the Jensen-Thomas Apparatus Collection.


This site highlights the Oesper Collections in the History of Chemistry, which are a joint venture of the Ralph E. Oesper Chemistry-Biology Library of the University of Cincinnati and of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Cincinnati.  The collections consist of three components: The Apparatus Museum, the rare Books and Journals collection, and the historical Portraits and Prints collection.  Each of these may be separately accessed either by selecting the appropriate tab or by clicking on the various highlighted links.  The origins of the collections may be accessed by selecting the link for History and the origins of this website by selecting the link for Credits.

Selected Images from the Oesper Collections

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