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Barn with Antique Car
Barn with Antique Car
Foster, Phil, 1915-1999
created 1977
painting (visual works)
Thumbnail Title Barn with Antique Car
Thumbnail Creator Foster, Phil, 1915-1999
Thumbnail Date created 1977
Thumbnail Work Type painting (visual works)
Street Scene
Street Scene
Grooms, Reginald, 1900-...
oil paintings (visual w...
Thumbnail Title Street Scene
Thumbnail Creator Grooms, Reginald, 1900-1989
Thumbnail Work Type oil paintings (visual works)
The Omnipotent A
The Omnipotent A
Horsefield, Julia M., 1...
created ca. 1950-1980
prints (visual works)
Thumbnail Title The Omnipotent A
Thumbnail Creator Horsefield, Julia M., 1935
Thumbnail Date created ca. 1950-1980
Thumbnail Work Type prints (visual works)
University of Cincinnati Solar House
University of Cincinnat...
construction began Apri...
solar houses
Thumbnail Title University of Cincinnati Solar House
Thumbnail Creator American
Thumbnail Date construction began April 16, 2007; exhibited October 12-20, 2007
Thumbnail Work Type solar houses
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