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[Awake My Soul, Edward Earle Of Clarendon]
Awake My Soul
Vigor, Charles, before ...
ca. 1860-1930
oil paintings (visual w...
Thumbnail Title Awake My Soul
Thumbnail Creator Vigor, Charles, before 1860-1930
Thumbnail Date ca. 1860-1930
Thumbnail Work Type oil paintings (visual works)
Lord Abinger
Lord Abinger
prints (visual works)
Thumbnail Title Lord Abinger
Thumbnail Creator British
Thumbnail Work Type prints (visual works)
Queen Victoria in Childhood
Queen Victoria in Child...
watercolors (paintings)
Thumbnail Title Queen Victoria in Childhood
Thumbnail Creator British
Thumbnail Work Type watercolors (paintings)
Silent Persuasion
Silent Persuasion
Alma-Tadema, Laura Ther...
Thumbnail Title Silent Persuasion
Thumbnail Creator Alma-Tadema, Laura Theresa
Thumbnail Work Type lithographs
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