The Ballot Box

The voting process has always been an essential part of American life. As President Rutherford B. Hayes once said, “To vote is like the payment of a debt—a duty never to be neglected if its payment is possible.”1 The right to vote has been a hard fought struggle for many American citizens, and it is something to be celebrated.

Each October, archivists throughout the country celebrate National Archives Month. This year the Ohio Society of Archivists has appropriately entitled their theme, “Elections.” In celebration of National Archives Month, this online exhibit explores the election process using material from the collection of University of Cincinnati’s Archives and Rare Book Library.

The voting process begins when the politicians throw their hats into the ring. The first section of this exhibit, “Politicians” provides some background on some of the Cincinnati politicians who will be highlighted throughout the exhibit. The second section, “Campaigns” provides images from a few of the campaigns of these Cincinnati politicians. The third section, “Voters” takes a look at a specific group of voters and their struggle to gain the right to vote in Ohio. The final section, “Election Results” takes a look at the actual activity of voting and the final results of the voting process.

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Exhibit Created by Suzanne Maggard