Willis G. Meyer Map Collection

This digital collection contains scanned and georectified maps from the Willis G. Meyer map collection, a print collection of over 130,000 maps. The maps chosen for digitization and georectification fall within three categories: produced by the Department of Geology at the University of Cincinnati, a history of heavy use on-site at the library, and of research interest to the graduate students working on this project.

This project was undertaken to document the workflow for digitization and georectification of print maps; with the ultimate goal of making this invaluable collection more accessible and provide a platform for new research.

Accessibility is expanded by providing JPEG2000 files, while the potential for transformative work is embedded in the nature of kmz files and the ArcGIS files. To work with the kmz files requires Google Earth, a free software product available at Google Earth. To open and manipulate the ArcGIS files requires the proprietary Ersi software product. This software is available for use on the computers in the Geology-Mathematics-Physics Library.

The documentation on how to georectify print maps is also available within this collection.

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