Albert B. Sabin Digital Collection Redaction Policy

The Henry R. Winkler Center understands the value of privacy, especially related to the topic of health. In order to protect the privacy of the individuals who may be identified within Dr. Albert B. Sabin's correspondence, we have redacted documents that contain personal health information, such as:

  • Medical records found within the collection
  • Letters to and from Dr. Sabin that request medical advice
  • Material (letters, notes, etc.) related to research studies conducted by Sabin and his colleagues

This redaction only occurs in the digital collection made available online. The Center redacts the minimal amount of information to keep the integrity of the correspondence, while also providing protection for the individuals. Identifying information includes, but is not limited to: name, address, phone number, birth date, and social security number. The Winkler Center retains the original paper copy and an original scan without any redaction. You may request to see the original documents by contacting the Director of the Winkler Center. The Director will determine if the materials can be used based on research need and topic. At that time, you are responsible for complying with any privacy laws that may apply.