The Albert B. Sabin Archives

Dr. Albert B. Sabin developed the oral polio vaccine, which eradicated polio from the United States and has nearly eliminated the disease worldwide. Much of his research was conducted in Cincinnati.

Visit the Sabin Archives for an interactive exhibit with timeline, with links to the digital collection, a map of Sabin's international correspondence, and to the Finding Aid for the Sabin Archive as a whole.

Mrs. Heloisa Sabin donated Dr. Sabin's archives to the Hauck Center for the Albert B. Sabin Archives, part of the Winkler Center for the History of the Health Professions, University of Cincinnati Libraries. The digitization of Dr. Sabin's correspondence and photographs was supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, and has been designated an NEH "We the People" project.

The purpose of this digital archive is to advance scholarship. Please see our copyright and fair use policy for the Sabin Archive

In specific cases some personal information has been redacted from some online documents to maintain the privacy of personal health information.  See Sabin Redaction Policy.

Original materials are held at the Hauck Center for the Albert B. Sabin Archives.

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