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2. Syringia or Mock Orange (Philadelphus lewisii)
Collected: 1806 May 6 - Clearwater River near Potlatch River, Idaho
1806 Jul 4 - Blackfoot River, Montana
Syringia or Mock Orange
Syringia or Mock Orange
Margaret H. Fulford Herbarium
University of Cincinnati

Journal Entry 1806 May 6: "It was now difficult to procure anything to eat that our chief dependence was on the horse which we received yesterday for medicine; but to our great disappointment, he broke the rope by which he was confined, made his escape, and left us supperless in the rain." (Lewis. 1814. Vol. 2, p. 272.)

Journal Entry 1806 Jul 4: "We went three miles further, over a high plain succeeded by a low and level prairie, to the entrance of the Cokalahishkit [Blackfoot]. This river empties itself from the northeast, is deep, rapid, and about sixty yards wide, with banks, which though not high, are sufficiently bold to prevent the water from overflowing….Before the junction of these streams [Clark Fork and Blackfoot River], the country had been bare of trees, but as we turned up the north branch of the Cokalahishkit, we found a woody country, though the hills were high and the low grounds narrow and poor." (Lewis. 1814. Vol. 2, pp. 334-335.)