George Catlin: The Printed Works

George Catlin: The Printed Works is a collection of over 600 images of lithographic, chromolithographic and engraved plates from Catlin's principal printed works. George Catlin (1792-1872) traveled the North American continent from 1830-1838 to chronicle the people, customs and traditions of Native American tribes. His life's ambition was to record the disappearing Native American culture in paint and print. Catlin's adventures resulted in over 600 portraits and scenes of rituals, hunting and daily life of over fifty North American tribes and several important printed works.

A supplemental bibliography to George Caitlin: The Printed Works is available.

The images included in this collection are from editions of Catlin's works held in the Yale Collection of Western Americana, the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County and the Archives & Rare Books Library, University of Cincinnati.

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