Art as Image: Prints and Promotion in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati as Seen By Some Early Engravers

Retired Associate Director
Virginia Historical Society
Abstract: The story of Cincinnati's early engravers is not the story of one or two towering figures.  There is no single artist who dominates the scene, or, indeed, who made an enduring name for himself.  The story of engraving in early Cincinnati is the story of a great number of artists, artisans, and craftsmen, most of them identified by name only, and varied in their skills and proficiency, who supplied Cincinnati's wide-ranging graphic needs.  For fifty years, the first half on the nineteenth century, they provided an enormous quantity of illustrative material to a young, rapidly growing community, and by and large they did it well.  The engravers reviewed here were selected because they are representative, and because they are among the few who have left behind (in addition to their engravings) a handful of facts about their professional or personal lives.  The others remain, for now, simply names in city directories or signatures along the bottom of cuts, advertisements, and views.  In time, perhaps, more of them will achieve the recognition that is their due.
Fig. 2.1 A View of Cincinnati on the Ohio. view image
Fig. 2.2 Cincinnati in 1810. view image
Fig. 2.3 Medical College of Ohio Cincinnati view image
Fig. 2.4 Branch Bank U.S. Cincinnati view image
Fig. 2.5 A Martyr. view image
Fig. 2.6 Mssrs. Pattie and Slover Rescued from Famish. view image
Fig. 2.7 Ohio No. 11. view image
Fig. 2.8 View of the Ohio Medical College Edifice. view image
Fig. 2.9 Topographical / Map / of the City of / Cincinnati, / from Actual Survey / by / Capt. H. L. Barnum / Engraved and Published / Doolittle & Munson. view image
Fig. 2.10 Doolittle & Munson, / Engravers / and Copper plate Printers, / Corner of Fifth and Main Streets. view image
Fig. 2.11 Doolittle & Munson. / Engravers / and Map Publishers. view image
Fig. 2.12 Christ's Church ­­ Fourth Street. view image
Fig. 2.13 Cincinnati College Edifice. view image
Fig. 2.14 Lafayette and Franklin Banks. (left) view image
Fig. 2.15 Lane Seminary ­­ Walnut Hills, O. (below) view image
Fig. 2.16 Lane Theological Seminary, Walnut Hills. / Engraved for "Cincinnati in 1841." view image
Fig. 2.17 Cincinnati Landing. view image
Fig. 2.18 Pearl Street House. / Cincinnati. Mrs. J. Goddard & F. M. Cockrell. Proprietors. view image
Fig. 2.19 Post Office, Cincinnati. / Third Street, between Walnut and Vine. view image
Fig. 2.20 Corner of Vine and Third Streets, Cincinnati. view image
Fig. 2.21 [Ohio Life Insurance and Trust Co. ­­ Main Street and Third] view image
Fig. 2.22 Engravers. / Jno. H. Lovejoy, / Copper-Plate and Wood / Engraver & Printer, / N. W. Corner Sixth and Main Streets. (right) view image
Fig. 2.23 Elevator (below) view image
Fig. 2.24 Cincinnati [Map with frame of building vignettes] view image
Fig. 2.25 Cincinnati. [View from Kentucky] [Letter sheet] view image
Fig. 2.26 Birds-Eye View of Cincinnati. / in 1856. [Letter sheet]. view image
Fig. 2.27 Cincinnati [View from Kentucky] [Letter sheet] view image
Fig. 2.28 Cincinnati. / from Mouth of Licking River Covington. [Letter sheet] view image
Fig. 2.29 Farmers College, Hamilton County, O. view image
Fig. 2.30 Polytechnic Hall, College Hill, Ohio. view image
Fig. 2.31 Solon Palmer / Perfumer / and / Chemist ... (left) view image
Fig. 2.32 William Resor & Co., / Manufacturer of / Stoves, Ranges, / Patent Globe Furnace, / for Heating Public and Private Buildings ... (right) view image
Fig. 2.33 C. D. Herrman / Tea Dealer / 42 Fifth Street / West of Walnut / Cincinnati (above) view image
Fig. 2.34 C. D. Herrman / Tea / Dealer / North-West / Corner of / Fifth / & Walnut Sts. / Cincinnati.O. (right) view image
Fig. 2.35 [C. D. Herrman Tea Dealer] North West Corner of Fifth & Walnut Streets. [Apollo Building] view image
Fig. 2.36 The North West Corner of Fifth and Walnut Streets, Cincinnati. [Apollo Building] view image
Fig. 2.37 Bishoprick's / Infallible / Baking Powder ... [Apollo Building] view image
Fig. 2.38 J. R. Telfer, / Designer / and / Engraver on Wood, / No. 5 E. Fourth Street, near Main. view image
Fig. 2.39 S. J. John, No. 22 East Third Street. view image
Fig. 2.40 Julia Montaigne. / Peter Pickel, [sic] Esq. view image
Fig. 2.41 View Near Milford. view image
Fig. 2.42 House of Refuge. [Near Cincinnati] view image
Fig. 2.43 Yeatman's / Premium Catawba / Wine, / Cincinnati [Residence of T. H. Yeatman]. view image
Fig. 2.44 [Residence of J. F. Meline] view image
Fig. 2.45 Cincinnati in 1800. / Engraved for the Gentleman's Magazine. view image
Fig. 2.46 The Cities of Cincinnati, Covington & Newport. / Engraved for the Gentleman's Magazine. view image
Fig. 2.47 [Daily and Dollar Weekly Commercial Office, Corner of Third & Sycamore, Cincinnati, O.] [Letterhead] view image

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