Art as Image: Prints and Promotion in Cincinnati, Ohio

Emil Klauprecht Ohio Valley German American

Indianapolis, Indiana
Abstract: Emil Klauprecht is credited with publication of the first lithograph in Cincinnati.  The firm of Klauprecht and Menzel published an important and rare German-American periodical entitled Fliegende Blätter in the period 1846-1847.  The Fliegende Blätter was an early, important and rich source lithographic images of a wide range of subjects, designed for the people a fine example of the democratic art in 19th century Cincinnati.
Fig. 3.1 Galt House, Cincinnati. view image
Fig. 3.2 Portrait of Emil Klauprecht (1815-1896) view image
Fig. 3.3 Title Page. Schaffer's Cincinnati Directory for 1840. view image
Fig. 3.4 Life Insurance & Trust Company view image
Fig. 3.5 Title Page. Fliegende Blätter Iter Jahrgang view image
Fig. 3.6 General Scott view image
Fig. 3.7 Schlacht bei Buena Vista view image
Fig. 3.8 Walhalla bey Regensburg view image
Fig. 3.9 Drach's Belle Vue bei Cincinnati view image
Fig. 3.10 New York view image
Fig. 3.11 Hambacher Fest. view image
Fig. 3.12 Lola Montez. view image
Fig. 3.13 Wettrennen von Sioux Indianern view image
Fig. 3.14 Keokuk view image

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