Art as Image: Prints and Promotion in Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati Prints: A Checklist of Selected Materials in The Public Library
of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
Abstract: In a series of exhibits in 1998 and 1999, The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County featured materials from its extensive holdings of prints in both the Rare Books and Special Collections Department and Art and Music Department.  Because of the scope and depth of these holdings and the resulting exhibits, a checklist from these exhibits is offered as a resource for researchers interested in the history of prints, Cincinnati printing and Cincinnatiana.

Attlesey Lithographing Company
  [Man shot with arrows] view image
Fig. 7.1 [Proof Sheet For Calendar 1881-1882] Sechler And Co. / Wholesale Manufacturers. [Of Buggies] / Cincinnati, O. view image
  [Tobacco advertisement] Chew / Monarch / Senour & Noonan / Covington, / Ky. view image
view image
  [Woman on beach] view image

Ault and Wiborg
Fig. 7.2 [Poster] view image

John W. Browne
  [Landscape] view image

  Map Of / Cincinnati / And Suburbs / And Covington & Newport. / Bellevue, Dayton, Ludlow & Bromley, [Ky.]. view image

Cincinnati Illustrated News
  Supplement To The Cincinnati Illustrated News -- Grand Exposition Number, August 21, 1886. / Cincinnati in 1886. / From Fountain Square, Looking North. view image
  Supplement To The Cincinnati Illustrated News -- Grand Holiday Number, Christmas, 1886. / Cincinnati in 1886. / From Bellevue, Kentucky, Looking West. view image

Cincinnati Lithographic Company
  [Advertisement] view image

Cincinnatier Freie Presse Kompagnie
  [Pigs] view image

Robert Clarke
Fig. 7.3 Residence of Henry Probasco, Esq., Clifton. view image

  "From Rags to Riches." view image
Fig. 7.4 "The Fast Mail" view image
  [Race of the Natchez and the Rob't E. Lee] view image

Doolittle and Munson
Fig. 7.5 Cincinnati Landing. view image

Ehrgott & Forbriger
  Bird's Eye View of Camp Chase Near Columbus, Ohio. view image
  Edmund Dexter's Residence. / N.E. Corner of Fourth St. & Broadway, Cincinnati, O. view image
  Fort Washington / Erected 1790 in Cincinnati, / On the Ground Now Occupied as 3rd Street, East of Broadway. view image
Fig. 7.6 Hoffheimer Bro's. / Celebrated / Bavarian / Bitters / For Sale Here! view image
  [Lady feeding animals] view image
M. Greiner & Son, / Manufacturers of the / Celebrated / Madison XX Ale. / Madison, Ind. view image
[Membership certificate] The / Cincinnati / Pioneer Association. view image
Norman House and Park. view image
[Sheet music cover] To Mr. E. Cooley, / Jackson, Mich. / Sweet Bird of the South. / Sung with Great Applause by Miss Florence A. Rice / At the Brooklyn (N.Y.) Academy of Music, / By Frederic H. Peuse. view image
[Sheet music cover] To My Friend / Alice Taylor / Boquet March. / By C. T. Lockwood. view image
Fig. 7.7 South Side Fourth Street, between Walnut and Vine, Cincinnati, Ohio. view image
  [Still life with fruit, wine, & fly] view image
  Ta Tsing Bitters / The Great Chinese Remedy. / For Sale Here. view image
  Tompkin's Farm. / (Camp Gauley Mount). view image
  [Two people at well] view image

  [Evergreen] view image

  Cattle by the Stream. view image
Fig. 7.8 Horse Trade No. 2 view image
  [Woman] view image

Henderson / Henderson-Achert
Fig. 7.9 The Foss-Schneider / Brewing Co's / Bock / Cincinnati. view image
  [Still life with fruit] view image

  Hennegan County / Fair / Cincinnati, Aug. 2, 3, 4 / Sample of Fence Streamer from Hennegan & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. view image

  [Calendar 1906] Voss-Miller & Co. 819-821 Central Avenue, / Cincinnati, O. Opp. City Hall. / Furniture -- Carpets -- Stoves. / Phone Canal 2535. view image

Klauprecht & Menzel
Fig. 7.10 Cincinnati in 1840 view image
  Cincinnati. / Queen of the West. view image

A. D. Kramer
  Cincinnati U.S.A. [from Covington] view image

  1888 / The / Centennial / Exposition / of the / Ohio Valley / and Central / States / at Cincinnati U.S.A. / Opens July 4th / Closes Oct. 27th. view image
  [Calendar] Compliments of / The Geo. W. McAlpin Co. / Wholesale / Dry Goods and Notions. view image
  [Calendar 1884] Swifts / Iron and Steel Works. / Incorporated 1866. view image
view image
Fig. 7.11 Danner's Original / Revolving / Book-Cases / The Best in the World / For Sale Here view image
  [Falstaff] view image
  Ninth / Cincinnati / Industrial / Exposition / The National Exposition / of Art and Industry / Opens Sept. 7th / Closes Oct. 8th 1881. view image
Fig. 7.12 Saw Log / Tobacco. view image
  Jeffras Seeley & Co. / 99 West Fourth St. / Cincinnati. / History of Ladies' Costumes from the Time of Eve. view image
  Smoke El Burro / Manufactured by / The Wellman & Dwire / Tobacco Co. / Quincy, Ill. view image
view image
  [Tobacco advertisement] Bright. view image
  [Trade card] Moerlein's / National Export. view image

  Ohio Valley Exposition. view image

Fig. 7.13 View of the Great Ohio River Flood at Cincinnati, O. 1884. view image

  [Calendar 1907] An Example of Printing / Engraving / Advertising / As Produced by The / McDonald Press, / Cincinnati, U.S.A. view image

Mariemont Company
  View of Mariemont, Ohio. view image

  [Book illustration] Infidelity. view image
  [Book illustration] Intemperance. / The Road to Ruin. view image
Fig. 7.14 Cincinnati. view image
  [Abraham Lincoln] view image
  McAvoy's Superior. / Natural Size. view image
  Map of Kansas / With Route from / Kansas City / To the / Gold Mines. view image
  Mill Creek Valley at High Water, from Mt. Auburn Near Cincinnati. view image
  Poesie. view image
  View on the Ohio, / (Below Cincinnati). view image
  View on the Ohio [(Near Maysville, Kentucky)]. view image
  [Woman -- 1] view image
  [Woman -- 2] view image

Morgan, Lodge and Fisher
  Medical College of Ohio Cincinnati. view image
  [Map of Ohio River showing Cincinnati] view image

Nelson and Bolles
  Landscape View of Madisonville. view image

  Cincinnati, / Taken from Belle Vue on Sycamore Hill. view image
Fig. 7.15 Flood of 1847. / A View of the City of Cincinnati and the Ohio River, Taken from / Mrs. W. W. Southgate's in Covington, Dec. 17 1847, At Which Time the Water Was about 61 Feet above Low Water Mark, and about 6 Inches Short of the Freshit [Sic] of 1832 view image
Fig. 7.16 Milward & Oldershaw view image
  St. Peter's Cathedral. view image
  [Wells. Western scenery] view image

Red Book Publishing
  The Fosdick Building. view image

John Shillito Company
  Interior of Public Library. view image
  Rotunda / Of The / John Shillito Co.'s / Dry Goods Store. view image

Strobridge (See also Middleton)
  Adam Forepaugh & Sells Bros / The Ty-Bell Sisters / Beautiful Sensational Novelty / The Famous "Aerial Butterflies." view image
Fig. 7.17 Barnum / and / Bailey / Greatest / Show on Earth view image
Fig. 7.18 [Card calendars] The Strobridge Litho Co. view image
  [Certificate of membership] Society of the / Army of the Tennessee. view image
  Cincinnati -- 1800. view image
  New Map of / Cincinnati and Suburbs. view image
  [Ohio Valley Exposition] view image
  Ringling / Bros and / Barnum / & Bailey / Combined Shows / Presenting / the Great / Arturo / in Hazardous High Jinks / Now Startling America. view image
  Ringling / Bros and / Barnum / & Bailey / Combined Shows / Presenting / Hubert / Castle / King of Tight Wire / in Comedy Tumbling, Somersaulting, / Acrobatic Achievements / without Parallel. view image
  Ringling Bros Shows / The Great Balkani Troupe / A Gorgeous Oriental Equestrian Sensation. view image
  Ringling Bros / New / Gorgeous Spectacle / In Days of Old / A Colossal Production of Romance and Chivalry. view image
  Victor / Allen & Ellis, Cincinnati, O. view image
  View of Tell City, / Perry County, Indiana. / Praemie Zum Tell City Anzeiger. view image

Peter G. Thomson
  Annual Celebration of the / Order of Cincinnatus / At the Opening of the Eleventh Cincinnati Exposition September 1883. view image

A.E. Tripp
  [Map of Cincinnati] Photo-Lithographed / from the Original / Platting Commission Map view image

  Hart & Gray / Unrivaled / Cherry Pounds / Cincinnati, Ohio. view image
Fig. 7.19 Park Brewery. / Neihaus & Klinkhamer. / S.E. Cor. Race & 18th St. Cincinnati, O. view image

The United States Playing Card Company
  [Monogramed deck of playing cards] view image
  [Pamphlets] view image
Fig. 7.20 Secret Weapon Bicycle aces of spades (Bicycle 808) view image
  Steamboat playing cards, 999. view image

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