Art as Image: Prints and Promotion in Cincinnati, Ohio

Promotional Playing Cards:
From Sultan to Salesman, 1300-1900

Curator, Playing Card Museum
The U.S. Playing Card Company
Abstract: This paper offers a survey of the history of playing cards, The United States Playing Card Company of Cincinnati, and a discussion of promotional aspects of their products.
Fig. 5.1 Numerical cards view image
Fig. 5.2 Spanish suited cards view image
Fig. 5.3 French suited cards view image
Fig. 5.4 Continental playing cards view image
Fig. 5.5 Court card of "Border Index" deck view image
Fig. 5.6 Printing block for Rider Back Bicycle Cards view image
Fig. 5.7 Promotional calendar illustrating Russell and Morgan Printing Company Building view image
Fig. 5.8 Promotional calendar with illustration of Thomas Crawford's Statue of Freedom atop U.S. Capitol Dome view image
Fig. 5.9 Chicago Columbian Exposition cards view image
Fig. 5.10 California Souvenir playing cards view image
Fig. 5.11 Assortment of souvenir playing cards view image
Fig. 5.12 Princeton University playing cards view image
Fig. 5.13 Tobacco advertising cards view image
Fig. 5.14 Monarch Bicycle advertising deck view image
Fig. 5.15 Spanish American War deck produced for Anheuser-Busch view image

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