Zoomify Toolbar Help

Some images on this site use Zoomify. See

sliderUsing the mouse, drag the Slider button to the right to zoom-in and to the left to zoom-out.
zoom-inUse the Plus button to zoom-in. You can also zoom-in with with a single-click of the mouse. The mouse position determines the center of the zoom.
zoom-outUse the Minus button to zoom-out.
pan arrows pan arrows pan arrows pan arrows Use the Left, Up, Down, and Right arrows to pan. You can also pan by dragging the image with the mouse.
resetUse the Reset button to return to the original view.
toolbar toggle toolbar toggleUse the Toggle buttons to turn the toolbar on and off.

Keyboard controls: Use the Shift key to zoom-in, the Ctrl key to zoom-out, and the arrow keys to pan.

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