Object2VR Help

Some images on this site use the 3-D modeling tool called Object2VR. See

To stop rotation, click on the image with the mouse, or use the left or right arrow key.

rotate leftUse this button to rotate the image to the left.
rotate rightUse this button to rotate the image to the right.

You can also rotate the image by dragging it with the mouse or trackpad.

rotation speedUse this button to zoom in on the image.
helpUse this button to zoom out on the image.

You can also zoom in or out the image by using the scroll on your mouse or trackpad.

 toolbar toggle Use this button to start or stop auto-rotation of the image.

 toolbar toggle In the larger view mode, use this button to toggle between fullscreen and the larger view of the image.
Keyboard controls: Use the arrow keys to turn left and right. Use the '+' and '-' keys to zoom in and zoom out.

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