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Cat on Table with Still Life
Roberts, Jessie M.
paintings (visual works)
Thumbnail Title Cat on Table with Still Life
Thumbnail Creator Roberts, Jessie M.
Thumbnail Work Type paintings (visual works)
Fragment of Roman Table
Roman (ancient)
tables (support furniture)
Thumbnail Title Fragment of Roman Table
Thumbnail Creator Roman (ancient)
Thumbnail Work Type tables (support furniture)
Interior with Still Life (do…
Vonderlain, M.
painting (visual work)
Thumbnail Title Interior with Still Life (double sided painting)
Thumbnail Creator Vonderlain, M.
Thumbnail Work Type painting (visual work)
Nature Morte
Priking, Frantz, 1929
paintings (visual works)
Thumbnail Title Nature Morte
Thumbnail Creator Priking, Frantz, 1929
Thumbnail Work Type paintings (visual works)
Spilled Milk X
Storer, Maria Longworth Nich…
paintings (visual works)
Thumbnail Title Spilled Milk X
Thumbnail Creator Storer, Maria Longworth Nichols, 1849-1932
Thumbnail Work Type paintings (visual works)
University of Cincinnati Sol…
construction began April 16,…
solar houses
Thumbnail Title University of Cincinnati Solar House
Thumbnail Creator American
Thumbnail Date construction began April 16, 2007; exhibited October 12-20, 2007
Thumbnail Work Type solar houses
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