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Edward Lord Thurlow
Godby, James, active 1790-18…
etchings (prints)
Thumbnail Title Edward Lord Thurlow
Thumbnail Creator Godby, James, active 1790-1820
Thumbnail Work Type etchings (prints)
Lord Chief Justice Holt, Thr…
textile printing
Thumbnail Title Lord Chief Justice Holt, Threatening to Commit the Speaker
Thumbnail Creator British
Thumbnail Work Type textile printing
Nobleman's Costume
Rettig, John, 1858-1932
created 1926
drawings (visual works)
Thumbnail Title Nobleman's Costume
Thumbnail Creator Rettig, John, 1858-1932
Thumbnail Date created 1926
Thumbnail Work Type drawings (visual works)
Ward, Leslie Matthew, 1851-1…
color lithographs
Thumbnail Title Rufus
Thumbnail Creator Ward, Leslie Matthew, 1851-1922
Thumbnail Work Type color lithographs
Sir Thomas Twisden Bart, 166…
Turner, Charles, 1774-1857
created 1812
engravings (prints)
Thumbnail Title Sir Thomas Twisden Bart, 1666
Thumbnail Creator Turner, Charles, 1774-1857
Thumbnail Date created 1812
Thumbnail Work Type engravings (prints)
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