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Beaufort's Tower, St. Cross
Cameron, Sir David Young, 18…
created 1877
etchings (prints)
Thumbnail Title Beaufort's Tower, St. Cross
Thumbnail Creator Cameron, Sir David Young, 1865-1945
Thumbnail Date created 1877
Thumbnail Work Type etchings (prints)
Good as Mother
Wellstood, William, 1819-190…
created ca. 1650s
etchings (prints)
Thumbnail Title Good as Mother
Thumbnail Creator Wellstood, William, 1819-1900
Thumbnail Date created ca. 1650s
Thumbnail Work Type etchings (prints)
Holy Black Angus
Rudegeair, Jean, 1953
created ca. 1860s
drawings (visual works)
Thumbnail Title Holy Black Angus
Thumbnail Creator Rudegeair, Jean, 1953
Thumbnail Date created ca. 1860s
Thumbnail Work Type drawings (visual works)
Junction of Greta And Tees a…
Pye, John, 1782-1874
created 1923
etchings (prints)
Thumbnail Title Junction of Greta And Tees at Rokeby
Thumbnail Creator Pye, John, 1782-1874
Thumbnail Date created 1923
Thumbnail Work Type etchings (prints)
The Omnipotent A
Horsefield, Julia M., 1935
created 1621
prints (visual works)
Thumbnail Title The Omnipotent A
Thumbnail Creator Horsefield, Julia M., 1935
Thumbnail Date created 1621
Thumbnail Work Type prints (visual works)
Venus After the Bath
Altdorfer, Albrecht, ca.1480…
created ca. 1525
engravings (prints)
Thumbnail Title Venus After the Bath
Thumbnail Creator Altdorfer, Albrecht, ca.1480-1538
Thumbnail Date created ca. 1525
Thumbnail Work Type engravings (prints)
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