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2 Years Gone By
Sheldon, David K., 1957
created 1983
Thumbnail Title 2 Years Gone By
Thumbnail Creator Sheldon, David K., 1957
Thumbnail Date created 1983
Thumbnail Work Type drawing
69 Camaro
Mraz, Jr, Lawrence A., activ…
drawings (visual works)
Thumbnail Title 69 Camaro
Thumbnail Creator Mraz, Jr, Lawrence A., active 1982-early 21st century
Thumbnail Work Type drawings (visual works)
Life Paper Feeling Light
Mur-Ray, Ming, 1951
created 1978
drawings (visual works)
Thumbnail Title Life Paper Feeling Light
Thumbnail Creator Mur-Ray, Ming, 1951
Thumbnail Date created 1978
Thumbnail Work Type drawings (visual works)
Portrait of Woman's Face in …
Foster, Phil, 1915-1999
painting (visual works)
Thumbnail Title Portrait of Woman's Face in Profile
Thumbnail Creator Foster, Phil, 1915-1999
Thumbnail Work Type painting (visual works)
1-4 of 4