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Dusty Millers
Haden, Seymour, 1818-1910
Thumbnail Title Dusty Millers
Thumbnail Creator Haden, Seymour, 1818-1910
Thumbnail Work Type lithographs
On the Banks of the Loing, T…
Sisley, Alfred, 1839-1899
created 1890
etchings (prints)
Thumbnail Title On the Banks of the Loing, The Cart
Thumbnail Creator Sisley, Alfred, 1839-1899
Thumbnail Date created 1890
Thumbnail Work Type etchings (prints)
Cooke, William Bernard, 1778…
engravings (prints)
Thumbnail Title Poole
Thumbnail Creator Cooke, William Bernard, 1778-1855
Thumbnail Work Type engravings (prints)
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