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Fair Use Policy

All content on this web site, including images, macromedia files, and portable document format (pdf) files, may be downloaded, provided that the intended use is for educational and research purposes, not commercial purposes, and provided that citations to the source are given.  For further inquiries, see our Help and Feedback page.

Portable document format (pdf) files may be downloaded by right clicking on the link and choosing the "Save Target As" option, or by opening the file and using the Adobe Acrobat save copy feature (usually an icon of a floppy disk).

Images in Luna collections may be downloaded using the Luna Export feature. Click here for help.  If a higher resolution image is desired, please contact the Digital Projects Office (see our Help and Feedback page).

If you create presentations or other educational materials using content from this site, please share your content with us!

See also the Acceptable Use Policy for University of Cincinnati Libraries, and the Copyright policy of the University of Cincinnati.


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