A Gathering of Nations:
Images from McKenney & Hall's History of the Indian Tribes of North America

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Sequoyah Stumanu, a Flathead Boy Pushmataha, a Choctaw Warrior Menawa, a Creek Warrior
Shahaka, a Mandan Chief Nesouaquoit, a Fox Chief Shauhaunapotinia, an Ioway Chief Monchonsia, a Kansas Chief
Markomete, a Menomene Brave Thayendanegea, The Great Captain of the Six Nations Tshusick, an Ojibway Woman Ongpatonga, Chief of the Omahas
Mohongo, an Osage Woman Kanapima, an Ottawa Chief Chonmonicase, an Otto Half Chief Petalesharro, a Pawnee Brave
Wabaunsee, a Pottawatomie Chief Encampment of Piekann Indians near Fort McKenzie on the Muscleshell River Tahcoloquoit Jtcho-Tustinnuggee
Kiontwogky or Corn Plant, a Seneca Chief Paytakootha, a Shawanoe Warrior Eshtahumleah, a Sioux Chief Hoowanneka, a Winnebago Chief
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