Strauss received his first patent entitled “Bridge” February 19, 1901 (filed May 31, 1900) at the age of 31 and continued to receive patents throughout his career, with the last one granted December 10, 1935 (filed August 3, 1931) when he was 65 years old.

In all Strauss received an impressive 48 patents. They ranged in subject from bridges and bascule construction to rail cars and air tram systems, signals, window and door mechanisms, reconnoitering apparatus, and motion picture apparatus. The titles on the bibliography of patents themselves illustrate Strauss’ wide range of invention.

The filed dates are included in the Bibliography in order to learn when he actually prepared the materials and to compare that with his timeline. For example his second to last patent was filed just five months (August 6, 1931) before he is claimed to have “disappeared.” Clearly the stress of events leading up to the beginning of actual Golden Gate Bridge construction curtailed subsequent invention activity.

After 1932 his inventive nature turned more to writing, as evidenced by his poetry. See the link to Other works.

List of patents