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Going Greek: Fraternity and Sorority Life at the University of Cincinnati

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ACACIA, Cincinnati chapter, 1928 - ~1976

Organized from the local fraternity Fellowcraft in 1928.

Alpha Chi Rho, 2010-present

Alpha Chi Rho is currently a colony, receiving colony status in the fall of 2010.

Alpha Epsilon Pi, Omicron Deuteron chapter, 1947 - present

Nationally, Alpha Epsilon Pi consumed Sigma Tau Phi in 1947. The UC chapter followed. Reorganized in 1963 and 2004.

Alpha Kappa Alpha, Omicron chapter, 1901- 1927

Became Sigma Delta Rho in 1927

Alpha Kappa, 1942-1943

Alpha Kappa Pi, 1928-1942

Chartered former Sigma Delta Rho chapter in 1928

Alpha Mu Alpha, local, 1905-1909

Became Delta Tau Delta

Alpha Nu Sigma, local, 1911-1922

Alpha Nu Sigma was a local fraternity until 1922 when the brothers became affiliated with the national fraternity Alpha Tau Omega.

Alpha Phi Alpha, Alpha Alpha chapter, 1920 - present

First African American fraternity at UC. Alpha Phi Alpha was the first fraternity established (1906) in the United States for African-American college men.

Alpha Pi Delta, local, 1916-1922

Alpha Phi Omega, local, 1930-1933

Became Alpha Rho Omega in 1933

Alpha Psi Lambda, Theta chapter, 1996 - present

The nation's first and largest co-ed Latino fraternity. 

Alpha Rho Omega, local, 1933-1934

Alpha Sigma Phi, Beta Sigma chapter, 1937- 1981

Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Lambda chapter, 1922-present

Organized from the local fraternity Alpha Nu Sigma

American Commons Club, Cincinnati chapter, 1926-1964(7?)

Organized from Cincinnati Commons Club in 1926

Aquaal, local, 1951-1960

Beta Kappa, Zeta chapter, 1925-1943

Organized from local fraternity Sigma Delta Pi

Beta Theta Pi, Beta Nu chapter, 1890-present

A Beta chapter was in Cincinnati as early as 1840, looosley affiliated with the Cincinnati College, but it did not last long. The current chapter began in 1890. They re-colonized in 2001

Chi Zeta Sigma, local, 1887-1890

Chi Zeta Sigma was established as a local fraternity for the purpose of securing a charter for Beta Theta Pi.

Cincinnati Commons Club, local, 1924-1926

Became American Commons Club in 1926

Delta Chi, 2007-present

Delta Chi is currently a colony.

Delta Sigma Pi, Alpha Theta chapter, 1924-1936

Delta Tau Delta, Gamma Xi chapter, 1909-present

Chartered from Alpha Mu Alpha club

Epsilon Gamma Chi, 1909-1910

Became Pi Kappa Alpha

Fellow Craft, local, 1921-1928

For Master Masons. Chartered as Acacia in 1928.

Gamma Nu Sigma, local, 1897-1898

Became Phi Delta Theta in 1898

Iota Chi Epsilon, local, 1920-1949

Became Sigma Phi Epsilon

Iota Phi Theta, Beta Epsilon chapter, 1987-present

African American

Kappa Alpha Chi, local, 1925-1927

Chartered as Sigma Delta Rho in 1927.

Kappa Alpha Psi, Beta Eta chapter, 1939, 1961-present

Largely African American, Kappa Alpha Psi was integrated at their reorganization in 1961.

Kappa Nu, Rho chapter, 1921 -1924

Kappa Sigma, Nu Psi chapter, 1992-2000

Lambda Chi Alpha, Gamma Gamma chapter, 1916-present

Omega Psi Phi, Iota Epsilon chapter, 1947- present

African American

Phi Beta Delta, Mu chapter, 1920-1940

Became Pi Lambda Phi

Phi Beta Sigma, Lambda Theta chapter, 1978- present

African American

Phi Delta Theta, Ohio Theta chapter, 1898-present

Organized from local Gamma Nu Sigma chapter.

Phi Epsilon Pi, Omega chapter, 1920-1936

Phi Gamma Delta, Delta chapter, 1968-~2000; Reorganized 2009-present


Phi Kappa, Omicron chapter, 1925-1959

Catholic. Merged into Phi Kappa Theta in 1959.

Phi Kappa Tau, Gamma Beta chapter, 1956-present

Phi Kappa Theta, Omicron chapter, 1959-present

"For Catholic college students" A subsequent chapter was created from a merger of Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi in 1959.

Pi Alpha Chi, local, 1923-1924

Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Xi chapter, 1910-present

Organized from existing Epsilon Gamma Chi chapter

Pi Kappa Phi, Theta chapter, 1913-present

Theta Chapter was chartered at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music in 1913, Baird indicates that the chapter folded in 1915. Pi Kappa Phi reorganized in fall 2010 as an associate chapter.

Pi Lambda Phi, Ohio Mu chapter, 1940- ~1992

Formed from the former Phi Beta Delta fraternity.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Ohio Epsilon chapter, 1889-present

Sigma Alpha Mu, Omicron chapter, 1917 - ~1968, 1975-~1987

Jewish. A fire at the house on Clifton Avenue temporarily closed the chapter, but a new one was started in 1975. House on Probasco.

Sigma Chi, Zeta Psi chapter, 1882-present

Sigma Chi holds the dual-distinction of being the first greek organization chartered at UC and the longest running greek organization to operate under a single charter.

Sigma Delta Pi, local, 1913-1925

Chartered as Beta Kappa in 1925

Sigma Delta Rho, Epsilon chapter, 1927-1928

Organized from local fraternity Kappa Alpha Chi in 1927

Chapter chartered by Alpha Kappa Pi in 1928

Sigma Nu, Eta Lambda chapter, 1959-present

Sigma Phi Alpha, local, 1917

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Ohio Theta chapter, 1949-present

Organized from the local fraternity Iota Chi Epsilon

Sigma Phi Eta, local, 1921-1932

Sigma Tau Phi, Beta chapter, 1920-1947

The national Sigma Tau Phi became part of Alpha Epsilon Pi in 1947.

Tau Delta Phi, Kappa chapter, 1920-1929

Tau Kappa Epsilon, Lambda Gamma chapter, 1967-present

The UC chapter of American Commons Club affiliated with Tau Kappa Epsilon in 1967.

Theta Chi, Beta Omicron chapter, 1942-2006

Triangle, Cincinnati chapter, 1921-2005, 2010-present

Engineers and Architects

Zeta Beta Tau, Beta Tau chapter, 2009-present

Founded as the nation's first Jewish fraternity