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Printing and Knowledge: Architectural Symbols of the Carl Blegen Library.

Center Lobby Chandelier. Center Lobby Chandelier.

In the lobby and on the sixth floor hang massive bronze chandeliers, each bearing in silhouette a proverb in a foreign language.  Inside the front doorway is a chandelier with the Japanese proverb, "There are no age limits to learning.  Anyone can learn anything if he studies it a hundred times."  This proverb is repeated in the chandelier in the left hallway.  In the center of the lobby is an octagonal chandelier in Egyptian hieroglyphics.  Believed to be a saying of the sage Ptah-hotep, it reads: "Be not proud because of thy knowledge; be not puffed up because of thy manual skill; no art can be wholly mastered; no man can attain perfection in manual skill."  Other chandeliers on the sixth floor contain proverbs in Hebrew, Latin, Greek and Chinese.

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