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Lewis and Clark Home Lewis and Clark Home

Lewis & Clark: A Journey celebrates the bicentennial of the expedition by providing resources for education and research from the collections of the University Libraries and beyond. It represents the efforts of University Libraries staff and colleagues throughout the University to increase access to the rich and diverse resources of the University through new technologies. This web site is intended to present special and, in some cases, unique materials among the University's resources which serve research and instruction, and which can inform and delight the entire community.

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Introductory Animation
This scene is meant to evoke the journey of Lewis and Clark and the changing of modes of transportation from the keelboat, to the canoe, to foot travel, to horse, and back to canoe. The two musical selections are from the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress: "The Girl I Left Behind Me" from Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier: The Henry Reed Collection and "Buffalo Dance Song" from Omaha Indian Music.

Lewis, Meriwether, 1774-1809 and Clark, William, 1770-1838. History of the Expedition Under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark, to the Sources of the Missouri... Philadelphia: Bradford and Inskeep, 1814. 2 Vols.

The first official account of the expedition is presented in its entirety. Images of the text are presented along with a rekeyed version in pdf format. In addition to extensive bookmarks and searching capability, the presentation includes links to the accompanying map which show geographical locations. The publication may be downloaded.
Volume one covers the period from the embarkation of the Corps from Camp Dubois in Illinois on May 14, 1804 to their arrival at the juncture of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers in western Idaho on October 10, 1805. Volume two, which includes the Appendix, begins at the mouth of Alpowai Creek in Washington on October 11, 1805 and concludes with the triumphal return to St. Louis, Missouri on September 23, 1806.

This feature presents quotations from the 1814 journal publication for each day with a map inset showing the location of the Corps of Discovery during that day. Links are provided to the full text of the journal for that day.

The six maps from the 1814 journal publication are presented separately in multiple resolutions through the kindness and generosity of Cartography Associates and the David Rumsey Map Collection. Those interested in historic map collections are encouraged to visit the David Rumsey Map Collection at

The Lewis and Clark Expedition: A Bicentennial Reading List of Books in the Library's Collections, prepared by Sally Moffitt, History Bibliographer, provides an introductory narrative as well as organizing printed and internet sources by general topic.

The Botany of the Lewis & Clark Expedition features thirty plants of over two hundred observed or collected during the expedition. They are illustrated with images from the University of Cincinnati Herbarium and photographs taken primarily by Victor Soukup, Curator of the Herbarium Collection. The location where Lewis collected each specimen is identified on the map from the edition of the journals published in 1814. Selections from journal entries for the dates of collection are also provided.

The Geography of the Lewis & Clark Expedition highlights locations along the route of the Corps of Discovery. The locations are identified on the map from the edition of the journals published in 1814 and illustrated with images from the collections of the Archives & Rare Books Department and contemporary photographs. Selections from journal entries describing the locations are also provided.

Links & More
Included here are a list of links to related web sites and copies of the Lewis & Clark screensaver prepared by the University Libraries. The screensaver may be downloaded. Other features will be added to this section throughout the Bicentennial Celebration.

Today in the Lewis & Clark Expedition
Visit here each day to follow the progress of the Corps of Discovery exactly two hundred years ago. You will see maps showing the locations of campsites for the current and previous day along with a quotation from the day's journal entry and a link to the full entry for the day.

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